Kaisar Ruby 250,Drag Style

The concept of drag style, not only in booming skubek. But, among the racing V-twin engine abroad, for example in America, many also V-twin engine which is devoted to running on the track is straight and so Prima Donna.


Thus, the sea-Ghost House mods Custom (HLC) commanded Donny Solanki, choose this flow to clothe the Emperor Ruby 250 has a V-twin engine configuration. “The important outcome satisfactory and appropriate concepts previously discussed,” said Rashid Rida, the owner of Ruby’s not a rapper Flo Rida.
Surely not just for baseball to be outdone with overlay skubek. “Pingin introduced that flow with custom Racing racing that baseball only café racer. But, drag the style also unsightly, “said Donny now famous called DHL from its headquarters on JL. h. Nawi Kingdom, Gg. Haji Kind No. 78, Gandaria, South Jakarta.
Because of the construction of Ruby already supports the concept of drag style, so it’s just an adjustment in some parts of the course. Such as oxtail cut back about 10 centimeters.
Then, back bone in the retouch to perform seamless pipe sharing contrived difference diameter of 1.5 millimetres. Uniquely, when viewed, the tail looks like belonging to the café racer. “But, it’s not a café racer Yes. Very different from why, “kekeh DHL delivery service that is not it.
To make it look more ceper, sok behind Honda had a Phantom share. Nah forget it, the engine upgrade from 250 cc to 400 cc so.
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