Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS, Stout-legged CBR1000RR

For most individuals the look of Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS is strong, but for Ali Indra Surya is still missing. “shokbeker,” he said. Hence the advance of those feet is done, while one’s human is still the only conventional element plus a few followers.

Standard circumstances last only about two several weeks, “Instantly deliver the engine to the work shop for an alteration,” ongoing the man generally known as Alin. His work shop was to take inventory, “CBR 1000RR Rim, who had nemplok in the Pulsar 180 eliminated and put into NS,” ongoing Alin.

The standard design to substitute the handlebar secure. Standard water information to create more strong base place.

The objective of the whiskers, work shop professional arm moving and disks in Northern Kembangan, Jakbar. In this work shop Alin purchase arm moving customized wheels copotan moge to be connected.

“I ask for an accessibility rule with the standard purchase, so the owner monosok to type a sequence of exactly the same establishing,” said Guy Pamulang, Tangsel. After 2 several weeks, lastly the rim wheels and new wheels with a size of 200/55-17 nicely connected.

Use the wheel size but without the need to glide the gir upcoming.
In inclusion to the rim size, Alin add air information under the engine, then substitute the bars design baplang changing the unique video. “The engine ported Miftah Salih from Hiar 5 Nikki (H5P) at JL. Praja In K, no. 27A, Southern Jakarta,” near this excellent great guy.

modifikasi Pulsar 200NS
Data Modification:
Wheel rims: Ford CBR 1000RR and aftermarket
Tires: Pirelli Diablo 120/70-17 & 200/55-17
Swinging arm: Whiskers
Discs: PSM & standard
Handlebars: Yamaha Fz16
Raiser: aftermarket
Informer: aftermarket
Water scoop: Doel Bajaj

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